Should I be worried about the signature pad plugin I'm using not working on Jan 4th

Good Afternoon,

I have been using the signature pad plugin at and I was wondering if I need to be worried about the message that shows when I look at the plugin code it says “Starting on January 4, 2023, your version of the plugin API will no longer support server-side plugin actions.”. When I click the API section I don’t see anything filled out so I don’t think I need to worry but just wanted to see everyone else’s thoughts.

Contact plugin author. Ask if the plugin will receive update.

You are fine, the API v4 breaks server side actions, and if you go to the “Actions” tab there are none. The part of the plugin you are using is the Signature Pad element in the Elements tab, and that has some actions but they are client side.


Thanks for looking. I appreciate the quick response.