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Who has the next big plugin?

what are we all working on? is it just me or does everyone have a plugin builder that looks like their wall of apps already?

I am currently on

After shipping
Shopify Private Key
Shopify OAuth

All in private testing and use


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Nice, ive got 2 versions of Box, a bunch of jquery elements flickswitches, spinner and so on… a HMAC-SHA1 Signature tool, MYOB, Mapzen & a little thing im calling Bubble Assist… im just waiting as i heard its not far off before we can put them in the store. good fun!


I am really interested in the HMAC. I need it to verify calls from Shopify. Interested in a Beta tester? :grin:

Someday you have to teach me how to get started with this JavaScript in Bubble plugins. I have no idea from where to begin

yer mate for sure, thats why i asked Emmanuel to create this topic, i was hoping to get a dialog going between us on tips and tricks. i will start posting stuff here now.

Great! Any idea when the plugins will be available in the store?

I was talking to Emmanuel and asked about making a store so i could start putting my plugins up and he asked if i could hold off because its not far off now.

Hey @jarrad

please have a look and let me know if your interested