Should I build our public site in Bubble, too?

It’s time for me to redo our public site, which is currently in Wordpress.

I’d like to display data from our Bubble application on our public site (e.g. regular content from users).

  1. Is it better to have the public and application sites on the same domain or separate domains? (I’m sure the answer is “it depends”, so how do I choose?)

  2. If the answer is separate, can I keep the public site in Wordpress yet still bring over all the data I want without too much trouble, through Zapier or something? Or would it be better to build it as a separate Bubble project (presuming doing so makes data sharing easier between the 2 sites, which may very well be incorrect).

Okay, I should have done a search before asking this. Looking at my question #1, it seems pretty much everyone says it’s better to keep the sites separate. Examples:

“In almost every case it’s better to separate the marketing site from the application.”

“We made the mistake of using the product to create the marketing site. This create massive bottlenecks, especially as the technology we used was getting older. Now, I would always keep the website and/or landing pages separate from the product.”

“I’d recommend running a separate CMS for a few reasons: 1) The feature set and priorities of the two systems aren’t the same and will only continue to diverge further over time. It becomes a hassle when you’re trying maintain and refactor a massive codebase in a single repository. 2) The marketing and/or product teams typically end up being the people that keep that content up to date. I’m yet to meet one of those teams that’s been thrilled by the idea of having to way for a full app deployment from the dev/ops team for their changes to go out.”

“Every time you add another feature to your app you have more work making sure that is is working properly. This just builds up as you add more and more features to the product. You won’t make it easier if you decide to give your app responsibility for something which isn’t its main core focus, also it will take focus away from you and the problem you are solving.”

“I work at a company that used to host the SaaS app at and it became a huge problem when Marketing wanted to create pages/folders for the main site that had naming conflicts with the app itself (this may not be a problem for most, but it’s something to consider). We finally moved the app over to a new hostname and Marketing has been a lot happier.”