Should I hire someone to create custom blog posts for my flower shop or do it on my own?

Should I hire someone to create custom blog posts for my flower shop or do it on my own? Also, guide me whether to hire a full-time content writer or a freelancer?

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I would recommend you do it on your own, save costs.

Make sure you are using the right tools for what you want to achieve. If it is straight forward simple blog posts, then there are plenty of free platforms for doing this. e.g. Blogger, Wordpress etc. No point spending money unless you need to!

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Definitely write it yourself.

You’re the only one who knows what you care about, what might connect with your customers, the new trends in flowers, and ideas you want to test out. Those are real issues that your customers would care about coming from you vs an outside writer. Make it real from your heart.

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It all depends. What’s right for some business owners may not be right for others. If writing is a strength of yours, then the DIY approach is going to make more sense for you than someone who struggles with writing.

You have to determine how much time it would take you to do on your own and the ROI you’d achieve. Consider your other responsibilities as well. Any time you spend writing your blog will take away from other tasks you could be doing.

Next, compare the cost/value against what it would cost to hire someone to do it for you. You also have to consider your budget. It is possible to hire someone for peanuts on guru, upwork, fivrr and the like, but you typically get what you pay for. Think about how much stuff your blog is competing with for peoples’ attention. If you want to stand out, and rank well in the search engines, your content needs to be better than everything else out there. Getting a recommendation is usually the best way to find a writer up to the task.

Also, don’t forget that the writing is only one part of blogging. Promoting that content is just as important if not more so. Make sure you have a pan in place and account for that in your calculations.

Welcome to bubble. Btw, this post is from 2017!

Oh, I see that this thread is old, but it is relevant for me. I’m starting a small business, too, and I’m wondering if I should hire someone to do advertising. Or it will cost me a fortune. On the one hand, I don’t have much free time to advertise my business.

That depends on the type of advertising you’re wanting to do. Social media advertising can be automated with services such as Buffer and Later. So if you know what you’re doing with the advertising but don’t have much time, you can automate your posts for you. If you have absolutely no clue what you’re doing then it would be better to have someone else do it for you. Social media marketing can be quite costly (I’ve dabbled in it as a business idea) and can cost from $100 a week to $5000 a week depending on the type of advertising and your advertising plan (mind you $5000 is definitely on the steeper side for a startup and you’d most likely be paying around $200-$400 a week).

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I would say that it totally depends on your budget and requirements. You should keep one thing in mind that hiring and managing content writers add one more task on your to-do list.

Being an owner of a business, most of your time should go in the activities that would help you in scaling things for the future. It should not get wasted in managing things but scaling things.

Thus, many people would suggest you to hire either a freelance content writer or a content writing agency. Both have their pros and cons and you can make a good choice by sitting with your team for once.

Outsourcing your content requirements would help you in getting quality content in as low price as possible. Hiring people content writers might not suit you if you are low on budget too.