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Should I upgrade or be non-responsive?

I am fairly new to Bubble.

I designed my site for a desktop - it’s ready to be published. Apart from some of the pages are responsive-others are not . Currently I have two the groups that overlap on phone view. I have tried unsuccessfully and am unable to make them responsive. When I make sure that elements are not “fixed” in the desktop version, it then makes changes on the desktop version which then seriously affects the layout on the desktop and the groups overlap and the elements are all different sizes.

I have not converted to the latest new responsive system. Is it easier to use - would you recommend updating to that ? Would that help to make fixing the problem easier?

Alternatively is there a way to hide pages so that they do not show on any tablet/phone and display a single elements saying please use the website on a desktop.

I have spent the last week trying to fix this and have searched the forum - if you have any tips please let me know.

Thanks for reading,

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There’s a learning curve with the responsive engine, but it’s worth it and makes designing much faster. Create a responsive scratchpad (a test page where you can experiment), spend a few days/weeks learning how everything works. If you have some background in CSS, things will start clicking in a couple of days. Best of luck!

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Hi there, @jaguar11… first, you should definitely take the time to learn the new responsive engine. It is much easier to use (although, it might not seem like it at first because, well, it’s new to you), but any time you spend gaining knowledge about it will be time well spent.

Second, about this…

… the answer is yes.

You can create a page that has your “please use this on desktop” message, and you can select that page as the mobile version of other pages.


Then, when a user hits the desktop page on a mobile device, they will be redirected to the mobile version page, and they will see your “please use this on desktop” message.

Hope this helps.



Thank you @mikeloc @saviorabrams so much for your help. I think I just needed the encouragement to take a little time to learn the responsive element. Which I have now done and it’s now looking a lot better! Thanks !