Shouldn't a page's folder affect its path?

If I set a “Page folder” in a Page’s settings, I would expect the page’s path/URL to reflect the same. Does the folder not work in this way?

How do you group certain pages into a particular folder so that every page doesn’t live at the root/top level?

Side note: I find it amusing that Bubble’s help manual, which is awesome and hot-linked from every little thing in the Editor, doesn’t seem to have anything about page foldering and/or paths. Seems kinda important, no? Thanks!

No, the folders are just a way to organize your pages in the editor - nothing to do with URL paths…

Assuming you’re talking about static pages, and not dynamic pages generated from your database data, and you don’t want the page to live at the top domain level (i.e. you’d prefer to have: you could try using reusable elements on a page, then use the URL path as a condition to show the relevant reusable element.

Alternatively, this plugin might be what you’re looking for

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thanks @adamhholmes !

If only! That would be awesome if that were a setting we could turn on. The lack of URL path structure is a bit tricky to get around at times.

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