Shoutout to Bubble - 45K MRR Benchmark

Thanks to the entire team at Bubble, for building an amazing product with which I’ve built a kick ass business.
Some metrics:
462 active users
28,000 Ringless Voicemails a month
12,000 Text messages a month
30,000 Emails a month

Solid week over week growth:

45,000 MRR

Bubble built, baby!


“But can you build real stuff on Bubble?”

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^^^ should just make this required reading for every new account


Congrats on $45k, big milestone. Thanks for being transparent too, helps inspire other Bubblers that real products are working and not all just concept projects.


Congrats! That’s awesome!!

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Huge congrats, @scott3! Well deserved and thanks so much for sharing. :clap:

Congratulations! Make sure to keep us updated on the progress, things like this is what drives bubble developers like me!


Is your “Silicon Valley development team” just @scott3 Bubbling behind a curtain? :slight_smile:


Great achievement @scott3 :clap:

Woop!! Amazing achievement and very solid growth!

amazing, can I ask are you using Twilio?

I cant wait till I know my way around bubble enough to build something this complex. Kudos sir.

Great job!!!

yep, that’s correct.