Anyone making more than $1000 MRR with bubble?

Anyone making more than $1000 MRR with bubble?
or even better anyone making more than $5000 MRR?
(using bubble as a main product/backend)
Just curious how far can it goes. I know it depends on many things but yeah just curious.

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10k+ mrr here

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@gaimed Doing what, if I may ask?

He’s an entrepreneur! :boom:


@nocodeventure No doubting here, just always curious if people are in a certain field or just do a little bit of everything. :slight_smile:

We have a innovative learning management system using gamification (private beta currently) . Also launching a school management system. Also working on couple other projects.


Btw. Bubble is better for time to market (5-10x faster). Mrr can be achieved with any tool. Bubble makes time to marker so much faster and easier to pivot. Faster to get Product market fit.


Nice. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on the success thus far! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing.
$10k MRR is big. How many paid users on your app?
I want to know if bubble can handle lots of users.
For me there seems to be some random slowness in my app.

How this slowness appears? I am launching an app on Bubble soon as well, and I’ve been hoping that it can support at least 2-3000 users of the app. How many users do you have and does it depend on the Bubble subscription you’re using?

I’m not launching yet and it’s random…
Sometime it slows on this block of workflow and sometime it’s not and sometime it slows on another block.
I’m hoping for 2-3000 users too.

Only two apps so far, but currently 3.6k mrr. But the revenue isn’t based on number of users.

making $3000.
Last month it was about 100,000 previews.
1,000 users
I’m using bubbles to sell my products.

So far, I haven’t had any problems with the bubble working.

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