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Show Bubble: Miniature (Warhammer etc) painting website

Anyone here into the whole Warhammer/Games Workshop world of miniature painting?

I’ve built an app, using Bubble, where miniature painters can showcase their painting skills and where people can find commission artists for hire, for when they don’t want to do the painting themselves.

I still have the website behind username/password, but I’d welcome the Bubble community checking it out and giving feedback. And if you are a Warhammer fan - please feel free to create an account and upload some content.

Here is the real website.

If you want to play around with the image uploading, etc, then feel free to upload whatever to the development version.

It was built using the Worklist template (nice template, zero support), and Uppy Pro plugin , which was a godsend to find (thanks @anders.eidergard!).

Thanks also to @Jici who has built a plugin to help me deal with this, daft, “expected behaviour” from Bubble.

As you will see, my main problem with the site is really around responsiveness - anywhere I have touched the UI really (!) - and that includes image resizing. Any tips would be very welcome!

Username/password are testers/testers


Very worthwhile watch:


Haha - yup - you sent that to me in a previous thread and I started watching it and have it bookmarked. Watching it is what I need to do next. Thanks again!

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Very cool site! When you start getting lots of people posting their work, you may want to start thinking ahead to how to classify things so people can search.

Thanks! You’re absolutely right. In fact, I only really started looking at how the search works last night. It is very rudimentary - working off the title of each project. I will need to add better search soon to make it useful

The site looks great—very professional and high end. I’m interested to keep up with this—I’ve played pathfinder and always had the urge to paint up my minis! As @ed727 mentions, adding categories or search parameters will be useful when you have lots of posts. Definitely keep us posted when you launch :+1:

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I’ve added a sub-header (via a GroupFocus) that explains who the site is for, as that was some early feedback - not clear if it’s for pros or amateurs. Thanks to that video @cmarchan I think I made to manage to make the header kinda work on mobile, but maybe not perfectly.

However, my additions to the header overall, plus the change I made to the main hero image, seem to have borked the responsiveness overall. If you compare the original template to my current version, you can see the difference. Unfortunately I don’t have the original template index page any more to see how it was originally set.

I am also still having problems with very basic responsiveness. :cold_sweat: << solved thanks to @boston85719 :heart_eyes:

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