Tabletop gaming service marketplace

This app is so niche that I doubt it would attract many Bubble users, but hey, I’ve been working hard on it and damnit I’m proud that I built something without code.

Here’s the live app (yeah, the landing page needs work):

Vyndica Paint is a marketplace for painting plastic miniatures for games such as Warhammer 40k, Zombicide, and Dungeons & Dragons. Think Upwork, but for painting plastic miniatues. Through my Bubble journey, I figured out how to incorporate several features beyond the basic marketplace functionality:

  1. Facebook newsfeed-type clone. This was incorporated by creating a “post” reusable element and displaying that everywhere it needed to be (note: The like, follow, comment, and reply features are all not visible unless the user is logged in, so functionality will be limited if you check it out here).

    1. /Post: Each post created creates a new page to be crawled by Google. Here, I took a page from Bubble (@emmanuel’s interview on Indie Hackers where he talked about the forum generating great SEO content - read the interview, it’s good stuff). Using posts (and their comments/replies) in this manner seemed like a decent way to rip off that idea :slight_smile:
    2. /commission: Each post is also tagged with the relevant commission so it can be displayed in a RG on the commission’s page. Vyndica Paint’s commission page.
    3. /feed: And yep, there’s just a straight up clone of FB’s newsfeed.
  2. Endless experimentation with UI/UX. <-- This is where I currently am in the UI journey on the ‘gallery’ page, but it’s a never ending process of small tweaks.

There’s much more to it, but I just wanted to post a couple examples of what Bubble has allowed me to accomplish and say to Bubble, “Thanks for existing”. There’s literally no other company out there who I’ve been happier to give my money to.

If anyone has questions on how I did anything on the platform, I’m happy to share my experiences more. If anyone sees a better way to do something I’m doing, I’m all ears :slight_smile:


Hi @nnich19 what a great looking site! It is very niche but with all of these tabletop gaming shops popping up I feel like this could be a very useful service that stores don’t know about.

I’m curious: Is this setup in a way for you to generate revenue as the marketplace owner or is it purely a passion play?

Cheers on launching your project!

Thanks! Yep, this is generating revenue. Transactions go through Stripe Connect, so a percentage of each transaction is collected that way.