Online product customization platform built entirely on bubble

I want to show off what I’ve been working on for the past few years. I learned a lot about this platform over that time (and really wish I knew what I knew now when I started building it). | Premium Screen Printing & Embroidery

I ended up building a lot of my own plugins to get the capabilities that I needed, but otherwise bubble was very capable. Figuring out speed improvements is still something I’m working on and I’m sure parts of the site will change as I observe how users interact with it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and get your feedback on it. Let me know what you think and i’d be happy to answer questions about the build.


Nice work mate! Had a quick play around using a logo I created recently. Seems to work well.

Two hurdles I ran into straight away:

  1. When I first tried to upload a file, it hung on the ‘converting’ step, I had to refresh the page, try again and it worked.

  2. It’s not immediately obvious how to get back from a modal view, so say I click on ‘Edit thread colors’, I have to find the ‘cancel changes’ button when my mouse was automatically looking for an X top right to quickly return to the editor.

Other than those, there are some other low hanging fruit:

All products are currently tagged as popular, which makes users feel that none are actually popular and its just applied to all.

Your category sidebar styles are a bit too large, meaning they go well below the fold on my screen. If you condensed this and reduced the font sizes a bit, you could get most if not all of it to fit above.

Are the plugins you created publicly available?


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll definitely take a look at those suggestions and see about implementing them. UI/UX has been my main hurdle as it’s quite the learning curve.

The file conversion relies on an external API from cloudconvert, but there are definitely places that I can speed it up. That does take the longest, so maybe I’ll just include another message to let the user know it is still working.

A couple of the plugins are publicly available, but the artwork color changing plugin is proprietary. I used fabric.js for displaying the artwork on the images.

Thanks again!

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Amazing work Nate!

Everything seems to be working great. File upload(jpg) and conversion process worked well for me

Just a minor bug
You probably shouldn’t display the “Finished” button in this step

Good catch! I’ll add that to the list. Thank you.

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I like the idea. You still have a lot of work to do.
Cool UI.
But I looked under the hood as dev.
So here we are:

  1. Something happening in the console.
    For me, it feels off.

  2. No privacy rules. As a result, we see a bunch of unnecessary fields/data in response. You display just one big image in the first-row container, but I see everything.

  1. Same …

  1. 94 rows in one set? What?

  2. No… it’s 200, and we have 3-4 of them. Each one contains 200 rows. Just wondering how much memory (or WorkLoads) it consumes.

  3. I didn’t type anything but it’s already pulled Algolia search or do you use Algolia as the database? You rich man if so.

  4. No character limitation for inputs. What are you gonna do if I break your front end and an editor interface in a bubble?

  5. Is that issue on their side or yours?

  6. Forget about that. No manipulation in search with heavy data.

  7. Should be sticky definitely.

  8. No validation for address. In the future, it will be a big hemorrhoid, believe me.

  9. A bug

  10. No state for changes. Don’t be surprised if you wake up and see a million WL usages in a single day. Unlikely, but anyway.

Meeh… yeah something like that.
No offense sure. It’s a matter of availability and time.
It’s nothing…, but… The devil is in the details.


Well you’ve definitely made me realize I have a lot of work to do. I’ve been building this over three years and it may have grown beyond my abilities. Honestly most of what you pointed out is something I wouldn’t have thought of, or didn’t know about.

I really appreciate you putting in the time on that.

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Thank you. I did that because I really liked the app. Definitely on my top list of bubble apps.
Wish you well!

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Keep going. :love_you_gesture:

If anything, @Eugene_West has provided you a list of things to learn and add another level of polish to an already well executed idea. Win win, right?

For what it’s worth - with Bubble I find that the idea of doing something is always much harder than actually learning how to do it. Then once you’ve learnt it, you wonder how you were getting on without that knowledge.

Best of luck with it!


Beautiful! And Congratulations!

One suggestion, as I played with things, this portion below

While waiting for it to finish after I first pressed the button, you showed visually via the button that processing was taking place. As that is normally a bit more obvious when there is not so much on the screen, with the layout you have and the time it takes to complete, I’d suggest using that beautiful loader who have to fill the screen as I was a bit confused on whether or not something was happening as I waited for it to complete the process.

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Things like this that create an overall burnout (in terms of developing the app itself overtime) – whereas it’s easier to not see these types of issues until someone else sees them for you.

Thats why a QA / Auditing of your site is always best with a third-party.

Your app is great, keep it up mate. Over time I’m sure you’ll have it polished and it’ll be one of the better apps out there!


Thanks to everyone for checking it out and giving me your feedback and encouragement. This community has been really awesome over the years and you all continue to impress me.

@tmxl You’re absolutely right. Everytime I think I’ve hit a wall with development I learn that it’s not insurmountable and to just take it a step at a time.

@boston85719 Great suggestion. That little button has been plaguing me and I just put it on the backburner, but I see people struggle with it. I like your solution and will implement something like it.

@GH5T I appreciate the insight and feedback. I can definitely now see the value of a 3rd party audit. I was always worried that the app was too complex for someone to really dig into it, but of course I should have thought about the hundreds of brilliant bubble developers that create apps like this all the time.


Out of interest, how do you fulfil? Do you run a print house or are you using something like Gelato?

I think your site is great btw. Excellent job. And I want some branded caps for my company - you have the style I’ve been hunting for. Do you ship to UK?

Hey thanks a lot. We are a print house based out of Portland, Oregon so we do all work in house. At this time we don’t ship to the UK, but that’s mainly because it’s usually more cost effective for people to use a local print house. What style are you looking at? I can probably track down a place that can supply it near you and message you with it.

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Really like the usage of parallax on sticky groups.You can add 200ms for smaller and 500ms transition effect on bigger elements . Looks good . I need a berserk marked hat

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Damn, good pointers here. Now I’ll have to go back and correct these input issues on my own apps! :sweat_smile:


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Hey thanks! Are you talking about the product page? Where are you thinking the 200ms-500ms transition would go?

In every page , hovering a button or text , are considered small items 200ms background transition for those . And for bigger ones a slider collapse type big elements try to apply 500ms. This is from considered to be the most updated design system md3 (2021) Gestures – Material Design 3 . The idea is that it looks more natural in real life there is always some delay on actions.

This is a really good design…

Amazing. Thanks so much! i’ll definitely look into implementing it.