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Show/hide groups only work once then fail?

Hi Bubblers, not sure if anyone else has experienced this. I am developing a single page app using groups instead of pages.

The issue is that the first time a user navigates to a group (such as My Settings, or About Us) it works fine. The group they are currently on is hidden and the new group is shown. But, if they navigate away from that group and then try and go back to it, we see a blank page?

Example of problem:

The “Login” button on group-home opens group-loginwhere a user can login. This displays fine.

But, if the user closes the group-login without logging in he will return to group-home. Now, if he goes back to group-login we see a blank page? If the user goes to another page before going back to group-login it works fine again.

home > login > home > login (empty page)
home > login > home > about-us > login (works)

Hi @darren.james7518 !

You really need to provide screenshots of your conditionals or a Loom explaining the problem but from what you explain I assure you this is a problem with your conditionals and not a Bubble bug so maybe recheck everything with a clear thinking and you’ll probably find the bug (we’ve all been there :smiley: )

Happy Bubbling !

I second the comment above. It’s due to the way your conditionals are set up and how you deal with changing a state or url parameter in your workflows.

The conditionals only work when the logic that feeds values into it is making sense.

Have you run your debugger in step-by-step?? This can help you work out what’s going on with the workflows and then check out the conditionals on the groups to make sure they are set up properly and there’s not conflicts in the logic :slight_smile:

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Thank you guys for your input, yes I agree I need to provide screenshots of my conditionals, but for some reason I can not recreate this issue. I don’t know what I have done to (potentially) fix it. I am working on other areas of the app currently and will return to this, if the issue remains I will give full screenshots and try the debugging. Thank you for your help.

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