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Viewing Groups on Native Apps

I am currently facing a problem with viewing certain groups. Could someone help me? When I start my app, I set it to where the user sees the home page when they are logged out and can only continue when they are logged in. For some reason this isn’t working out. When the user is logged out, and clicks on the “Your Account” icon, and then back to the home, it’ll show what needs to show for the user when they are logged in. I will give a link to the editor

Can you share a link to your editor so that we can look at it and help out? Much easier to help with items like this when others have access to the “code” that you’re talking about.

I’m not sure exactly what the challenge you’re running into is because when I created an account it didn’t take me to a new page or view. That said, here’s a few suggestions:

Currently, in your workflow to log someone in you don’t redirect them to a new page with a second action as part of that workflow. In general, this is a best practice and seems like it’s missing from your site which is why I had the trouble I did.

In order to figure out what’s going wrong, trace the process the user goes through and look through the workflows that impact that. Check each one and see if there’s something that’s missing or different from what you intend. Additionally, it can be helpful to use the debug view as you’re going through the app as a user and check to make sure the states change when you want, etc.

Hope this helps.

I’ve not build mobile apps before, but I didn’t think we could have multiple “pages,” that we had to use groups instead. Would this mean that the action right after logging someone in would be to show a new group?

I’ve only used bubble to build web apps so I don’t know the details of building mobile apps in bubble.

That being said, you probably want to direct someone who creates an account or logs in to another portion of your app (whether that’s a new page or new group depends on how you architect the UI and app).

Afterall, as a new user, once I create an account, I want the app to take me to either an on-boarding page or the main page as a logged in user.

Hope this is helpful.

Sorry about that. When a user is signed up or logged in, I tried to direct their Current View to the Group View Listing but it didn’t work out for me. I then added a button to direct them because I thought it would have been easier for the time being. I will be adding the view when they are logged in or have signed up. It will direct them to the main page

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