Show/hide groups problem


I just began to build a native mobile app on Bubble.
I learnt that you can hide and show groups, and that it’s better for a mobile app.
But, when I hide a group to show another, the other one don’t get to the top of the page.
Do you have a solution ?

Hi there, @felixthiollier63… assuming the group’s parent container type is not fixed, you will see a checkbox on the group’s Layout tab that says Collapse when hidden. That setting will enable you to create the behavior you have descrbed.


Thanks you very much for your answer ! It helped me a lot !
I have another question…
Do you know how to make a search with multiple input, like if I have a repeating group with names, email, age, and address, when the user click the button search, it displays just the informations that matched with the input the user have written.

Create a search constraint, using "Any field contains input’s value