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Hello, I have a problem showing the folders where I navigate in the repeating group. When I click on a folder, the repeating group updates its value with its content.

I want to show in a horizontal repeating group (or wherever they suggest) the folders in which I enter to know where I am standing.

Each element of a list is a File, which has a Parent field, where Parent tells which File it belongs to.

Here I am at the root

Here I am in Prueba, which has a Root as Parent

Here I am in New Folder, which has a Prueba as Parent

I have as data the last File that contains the files of the repeating group below. Based on that File I want to go through the parents, but I don’t know how to do it.

What other option can I use so that as I enter a folder above it will show the folders where I was entering. A plugin? A repeating group? another item?

Can you use generic lists in bubble?

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