Display Selected Field from Repeating Group

Hey guys. I am brand new to Bubble and have searched but cannot find the answer to this question. Hope you can help.

I have a repeating group of events arranged by earliest date at the top. I want to be able to click one of the events, which open a pop up with an input field pre-populated with the text from that single event so I can edit.

I’ve been able to pull the list of all events from the table into the field by selecting "Repeating Group’s List of Event’s event but can’t get it to display only the text from the field I’ve selected. Any thoughts?09%20AM

you should be able to insert dynamic data in the input field > current cell’s event title value.

In my app, I added a little pencil icon at the corner of elements I want the user to be able to edit. When they click on the pencil, the element is replaced by an input prepopulated with whatever is stored in the data for that element, then when the user click save, the database is updated and the input is gone.

I also have the little pencil only visible when users hovers over the element, with conditionals.

Not sure if this helps, but could be what your looking for.

Even though I’ve answered this question many times recently (all with a pointer to my video about repeating groups, selecting items, and doing stuff with them in a popup / pop-up / pop up), it seems that folks never find it. So here’s a reference directly to the video tutorial again:

And here’s a link to the Tips post I just posted (which is also just a link to this video tutorial):

Hope this helps you! (It will. Just watch it! :slight_smile: )


Whew!! Thanks man that was hugely helpful. I tried referencing your video to fix the problem but still couldn’t get it to work. So I ended up starting from scratch and recreating almost exactly what you did until I got the result I wanted and adjusted to fit my needs from there. So unfortunately I don’t know what it is I was doing wrong when I first referenced but it works now!

I couldn’t imagine this question hadn’t already been asked before but I couldn’t find it in the forum no matter how many different ways I searched. Thanks again for the response.

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