Read More or Expand/Collapse effect

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I am trying to implement an effect in a container where a big text is displayed.

Basically I want to display only 20 or 30% of the content, displaying only when the user check the read more button.

Here is an example:

Therefore, what would be the best approach to implement this effect?

Hi @elias1 :wave:

  1. Create a custom state in this element called “ReadAll (Yes/No)”;

  2. Create a workflow to run when you click the “Read More” button. This workflow will basically change the custom state “ReadAll” to YES;

  3. Create a condition to hide the “Read More” button when “ReadAll” is YES;

  4. I presume your text is coming from a search in your database. So by default, you should show your text like: Do a Search For Data :firstitem'text :truncated to 300 This will show only the first 300 characters of your text.

  5. Create a condition in your text element to change it’s text to Do a Search For Data :firstitem'text when “ReadAll” is YES;

Make sense?

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