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Workflow count [paid plans]


Just want to clarify how worklows amount is measured.

If e.g. button click triggers number of events (create a thing, delete other thing, show an element / hide an element) based on different conditions (I mean where there is a number of “when” blocks in the workflow) - will it be counted as ONE worklow or many workflows?

It’s counted as one. Also, we only count the ones that happen on the server, so create/modify/delete things, charge a credit card, send emails, etc. We don’t count workflows that are purely visual, like displaying elements, changing pages, etc.


Thx for the quick resposne. It’s more than clear now.

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Would setting the state of an element be considered a paid workflow?

No it won’t, since it only happens on the client.

Awesome! I was using set state to display different things upon page load and that wouldve eaten up a lot of workflows