Show next Repeating group - Horizontal

Having here Horizontal RG, and would like to have a button to show next on the list…

… but the “Show next” doesn’t work if RG is scrollable. What would be the way around?



One way to do it is to create 2 new Number states:

You can set your RGs Data source to whatever data :from item#RGstart :until item #RGend

Now u can set what items should show and still have it scrollable. Your Next button’s workflow can just add 1 to both states

Hope that helps!

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Thanks! Interesting way!

Not sure if this would be mobile responsible, for example on the desktop RG displays 4 items, while on the mobile would be two, or 1.7, and then not sure if it would work?

As “show next” button is clicked, we can state as you referred - to show items from 2-5 instead of 1-4, then on the mobile would be shown 2nd and 3rd, or 2 and partly 3rd…

What are your thoughts here? Any other way perhaps?

I think thats a good idea to reduce the number of items loaded for mobile.

You can just make each “card” in the cells responsive and make sure that in your RG that you checked the setting to ensure that ur cells fill up horizontally. I forgot what it’s called.

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can you explain better? i think what i need is what you say but i cant understand visually

can you exemplify with a bubble demo?? please im having the same issue

RG when scrollable on desktop need a button to scroll to next item, but scrolling one by one is terrible user experience, all i need is show more items not just one

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I don’t use this approach of having the buttons on each scrolling side.

It would be great if there was a default option to make it happen, although with the new responsive engine, this “problem” could be solved. Not sure though.


Although here, it seems this possible with Bubble?

(If you do the search, and then see how the pagenation is done)

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