Repeating group showing half of next element

Hi, I’m trying to create an horizontal scroll using repeating group but don’t know how to make it show half of the next card.

Does anyone have any idea how to do it ? Right now, I use 2 buttons to show the next or previous card, I can live with it but just trying to learn how do this.


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I’ve done it here mate. You need to offset the holding RG by a negative margin that is relative to the holding container. You’ll also have to mask out the next item (you can fake this). There are a few caveats in bubble. You have to set your RG as horizontal scroll and ‘call’ all items within the RG on -pageload (you’ll need a bit of js knowledge) but sometimes it miss-fires in bubble.


Thanks I will give it a try :+1:

Thanks mate, i will try it as well. Been looking for this for ages

You’re both welcome.

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