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Show number of conditions & transitions in property editor tabs

It would really help to see a count of conditions and transitions applied to the element on the property editor tab labels.

Usually, when I copy an element that has conditions, I often forget those conditions are there, and I might not necessarily have wanted them on the copied element. Or just, in general, being able to quickly be aware of what else is applied to the element would be really nice.

I can’t tell if I’m super lazy and I don’t want to click to check, but sometimes it’s not even that - I just forget about them until I run preview/debugger (oh yeah, this has a condition!). Seeing the number from any of the property editor tab seems more informative especially for power users.



I think this is a great idea.

As we iteratively improve our app, it’s easy to overlook updating the conditions on a particular element which often means that even a quick test of the changes won’t catch that the conditions weren’t updated because often the conditions aren’t tested, just the main case.

Anything that speeds up iterations and eliminates self-inflicted bugs is a win in my book. This seems like low hanging fruit.


Great idea, we’ll add that


Just did :slight_smile:


Yes!! Exactly what I imagined! :raised_hands: Awesome. Thank you, thank you.


@romanmg OMG. I’m just using this not knowing someone actually requested for it. Can’t imagine what it would have been without that! Thanks! :kissing_heart: