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[New Feature] Toggling conditions in edit mode

We just pushed a small improvement to the editor when working with conditions, on elements. If you click ‘ON’/‘OFF’ you can see what the element looks like when the condition is met.


Nice, faster then previewing the whole page.

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this is a great addition

why have all this text on such a page when you could have an on-off toggle widget and also up and down arrow buttons and a bin icon to remove a condition?

to not confuse those buttons (and especially the extra bin button there) with the rest of the UI, I’d change the background of them [to be like a button bar] or at least their foreground color to say something goldish - then they’d serve as visual separators of the condition blocks that are now too close together visually (just a small line separates them)

I don’t have problem with the UI right now.

this is that with a quick glance you can’t focus to the important info on the screenshot above. The important info is the user settings there, not the bubble editor’s UI actions. Those should be icons. Plus the separate conditions should be more… separate visually

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