Plugin Builder Property Conditions

Are there any plans to allow for conditions on properties @emmanuel ?

eg. say i have a plugin that has a dropdown property for “mode”, mode 1 requires a number and mode 2 say text. are there plans to allow us to condition that only the number property is shown if mode1 is selected? its just some of these really the more features i pack into these plugins the more properties there are and the more labels instructing people on what to use in what case.

It’s something we have our list to consider, but I’m curious to see how much people build stuff that way.

I mean its not the biggest issue, its just when I build an element i aim for maximum function and on many occasions that means some form of switch and various option based on that switch. at very least this would have to eliminate multiple plugins to do a few tasks within that category.

Some of our plugins, including Stripe.js, can certainly benefit from this. :thumbsup:

I just published my first plugin and it could benefit from such feature. My plugin is a date/time picker and if a user chooses a time only a lot of the other options are irrelevant.
All i have tons of features i want to add to the plugin and already the property editor is becoming too long even though a lot of the properties are dependent on others.

For sure! its not uncommon to have over 50 or 60 properties…

Hey @Emmanuel just bringing this up again. From my little experience building element plugins there is not single plugin I’ve built that couldn’t have benefitted from this feature. Currently I have to tell users that options down overrides options above. You can take a look at both my Date picker and Tooltip plugins and you will see how not having such a feature makes the property editor long and confusing.
Or consider most of your plugins and think about how the property editor will have looked without the ability to show and hide options based on other options.
I’m currently building a plugin that without this I will have to show users over 50 options. Thanks

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