Show number of forms according to number of items

Guys, another problem that I’m trying to solve, but without success.

I am selling tickets for a specific event, and when selecting the quantity of each ticket, when I send the information to the database, everything apparently goes well, but when we go to the checkout page the user needs to define who will own each ticket. ticket. However, when trying to list the exact number of forms for each ticket, the same does not happen.

I can’t find the possible error to pull this information from the database.

When you click on the “buy” button, this data is inserted into the “Cart” database:

The “Cart” Database table is this:

“Registration” database:

Database: “Tickets”:

Database: “events”:

To visually contextualize, here I selected 2 tickets, 1 of each:

I click on buy and this item is created in the “Cart” Database:

Here is where you need to show the number of forms, for each ticket inserted in the cart:

Ps: the texts are not dynamic yet, I kept them just to understand the function of each item.

Would anyone have a solution?

Can you share how your Name-Email group is displayed? It should be the amount of number of tickets in the event (which is 2 in this case). Is that in a repeating group?

Yes it is a repeating group.


I guess I need to see the data source of this repeating group. Like how many is it printed?

This is the data source of the repeating group:

Theoretically, he was supposed to find the number of tickets selected and which ones were selected so that he can have this in the repeating group.

It is searching for Carrinhos (Carts), so it technically returns only 1 entry if I am not mistaken. What you should do instead is Search for Carrinhos’ first Item’s Ingressos. This should include 2 item I guess. And type of the content should not be Carrinho of course, it should be Ingressos.

I did it this way, now it only returned 2 items in the repeated group, but not the information for each ticket.


In this second test, as the cart expires, I now believe it has 3 tickets, to make sure that it would not only read the number of tickets registered in the database, which are 2.

Then you should do some calculation to find the exact number of tickets in one cart and put it here. I cant tell any further than this. The ticket-event-cart relationship looks a bit complicated than it should be.

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Got it, thanks for your time and help :smiley: