Show Opposite Coordinates based on input address?

Building a fun little app that shows the opposite side of the world based on the address you input. How do I take the search box address and then show the opposite coordinates on the map to the right? Is there a formula to basically do if its North then choose South and if its West choose East?

Bump! Any suggestions?

Like this?

Mathematically, the geographical coordinates of an antipodal point can be calculate as:

  • the latitude of the place you want to find the antipodes must be converted to the opposite hemisphere (eg: 45° North will be 45° South or -45°);
  • the longitude of the place you want to find the antipodes must be subtracted from 180° and the result will be converted to opposite hemisphere (eg: 25° West will be 180° - 25° = 155° East or -155°).

Yes! I saw that website, just trying to replicate it via bubble. So is there a formula I need to write for the marker address of the opposite address? Or I guess I would need to create an opposite address field when the current address is input. But need a formula to calculate the opposite address. Any thoughts on how to do that?

There is a plugin to write formulas (toolbox plugin maybe?). I would do the formula in the plugin and then use that to display the info. Maybe in a set state possibly? These are just guesses because I’m not in front of my computer. :blush:

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Alright so looks like with bubble you can calculate latitude and longitude, so I just need to figure out how to subtract the searchboxes value from the predefined calculation (make latitude negative and longitude subtract from 180). Just cant quite figure this one out.

That was weird. I couldn’t reply.

Can you do the formula right there? Will it let you?

It doesn’t allow me to put a static number or minus in front of that dynamic text :thinking:

Then I would try using a set state. If that doesn’t work try using the toolbox.

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