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Bubble Yelp-like App Using Coordinates

If I would like to do the “Building a Yelp-Like App” lesson (, BUT only working with coordinates and using the 'Calculate-Coordinates-To-Address" feature. Then, what changes should be made on the input fields, database, the submission map and the display map?

(@emmanuel, @NigelG)

How is the best way to help on this ? I could look at building it in the forum app if that will help, or maybe create a new page in the coffee app that works on coordinates ?

Actually… from what I can tell this is now working as it used to work.

You don’t need to do anything.

My issue on trying to replicate this lesson was that if I introduce the address as coordinates in a ‘geographical address’ input, then on the display map, it will show me the nearest ‘registered’ address to such coordinate, rather than the specific, or original one. This is the reason cuz I want to use the ‘Calculate-Coordinates-To-Address’ as data source, in order to solve this precision matter.

So, I am kind of lost on how to set things.

  • Should there be one input for lat, another for long, and another for address (both coordinates together)?
  • On the display map, which is a list of markers type, what do I select on the “Address Field”, since these are lat/long separate coordinates?
  • On Coorrdinates CalcToAddress window, how do I write the ‘Do a search’ expression to make it work?

So you want someone to enter lat / long ?

You would have two fields, then you can use those to create the address using the Calculate-Coordinates-To-Address formula, that is the address you store on the database. You then display those on the map.

So you only need the new formula when you save the thing with the address based on the inputs.

Like this.

You don’t need to store the lat/long but was just doing it for testing.

I have added a new page to the Yelp-like app to input lat/long.

It also pulls this through from current position.

The “nearest address” is populated from this input.

Hi Nigel… Does the link you posted is set as public or private? (I can’t see anything… white empty space only).

SO, when it comes to coordinates, you can get only the “nearest” one, right? You cannot get the precise coordinate itself?

Odd, looks like it has gone !

You can get the precise co-ordinates to 5 d.p. without going to the nearest address.

Hahaha it happens… Maybe you can just undo it one step back to get it back.

How do I do that? That will work for me.

No, it has really gone :slightly_smiling:

I added a page to what I thought was a public app and now can’t see it again. Maybe because I am on a different computer ? Or maybe because I shouldn’t have been messing !

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Well, I’m still having this issue. I’ve tried the “Calculate Formula Coordinates to Address” using the same Latitude and Longitude (the inputs are set as Decimals) parameters I’ve positively tested here: Coordinates Converter only to find my marker somewhere in the Antartic Sea. Using only geographic address input (and inputing the coordinates) I could get my marker on a spot next to the real position I want, but since I’m building a tourism guide app, I really need to be as precise as I can. Anyone know why the coordinates I’ve already tested end up in some totally random place?

EDIT: Here’s the link to the coordinates test

Ps. (Yes, I did tested if my coordinates were switched or in the wrong format, either are fine. Also, I tested with a whole other bunch of cordinates, still no luck)

No idea without access to your app really.

I just recreated the functionality …

And it works fine.

Well, I did created a test page trying to fix it with no luck. Sorry I forgot share app itself, here it is:

And it seems it does not. Even in your app I can’t see the marker, it just stop loading. Maybe a problem with my browser?

NEVERMIND! I found the problem, I was using the wrong separator for decimal points(dot instead of comma). Thank you so much for the effort Nigel.