Show Pop Up when a User left a field Empty

hey Guys,

I have a Form i want users to create and i set some Fields to MANDATORY.
In a Case where user refuse to fill up a Field i want to show a Pop up

I have done the Following and still no Pop Up

  • Creates a State
  • Created a Pop up
    See Image below

Any help Please ?

@olokedeomotayo Hey, if there is a button on the process to move to next phase you can set input is empty and then trigger the action to show pop up. Or even set it with a time trigger to show if the input is empty

You can also set the input should not be empty, and it will mark as red if empty.

Hi @olokedeomotayo :wave:

Create a workflow to run when your “Send” button is clicked.

In the first step, put an action to “Show an element” and select your popup.
In the footer of this action, where it says “Only Whe”, just write

my_input's value is empty


Doing this, everytime your button is clicked, you will run this workflow and the popup will be shown evertime your input is empty.

Thanks buddy. I have more than one input i need to validate… How do i handle this ?

Its a registration form and i have multiple lines to validate. How can i handle that ?

@olokedeomotayo It’s a pain, but in the workflow action set “input 1 is not empty And input2 is not empty and input3 is not empty and input4 is not empty”. As conditional to start

Not sure if there is another way.

You can add all your inputs in this “Only when” field

input_name's value is empty OR input_lastname's value is empty OR input_address's value is empty

If any of them are empty, Bubble will show your pop up.

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Will try this now. Thanks Buddy