“The input should not be empty” feature not working in pop-up

I have a popup that has some fields as required. But I noticed that users manage to submit the registration being made in my pop-up even leaving these fields that are marked as mandatory empty. I’ve read here some users over the last 2 years reporting this issue and suggesting making each field mandatory on the button and leaving the button as not clickable if those fields are empty. Is there another way to resolve this issue? Because there are many fields, I’m afraid of harming the application’s performance that way

Are you sure the required fields have actually been submitted empty?

Maybe post a link to your editor so someone can take a look…

they were. Unfortunately, as it is a project for the company I work for, I cannot pass on the editor. the only solution I could really find is to put the fields as a condition in the submit button.
but I think maybe this harms the performance of the application

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