Show Error When Required Input(s) Empty

I’ve been struggling with this for some time, I’m hoping someone here can help!

We have a number of large checklists, built with radio buttons (ie. 100 radio buttons per form) plus some standard inputs. The majority are mandatory on every submission. As there are so many inputs a few often get missed and then the end user thinks the form doesn’t work.

What I need is a popup that says ‘input missed etc’ without having to just write an expression that says ‘If X is empty and If Y is empty…’. Is there another way to show a popup automatically when there is any one mandatory input that’s blank?

Right now it will scroll to the first empty input but this doesn’t seem to be clear enough to the end user as we get complaints.


There should be a checkbox on the input itself that says ‘this input should not be empty’
If you check that box Bubble will take care of the rest and also highlight the input depending on the style assigned to it.

You can use the condition Input X's value is not valid to make your own error message visible as a text element.