Show Repeated Data Based On Dropdown Year

I currently have a repeating group on my The repeating group currently shows 12 rows worth of data. The data consists of a monthly breakdown of how much the company profited per month. In my database I have a data type called “215w101”, and within the data type I have two data fields “Usage Date” and “Total Vendor Price”. Usage Date collects the date when the service was used and is formatted as mm/dd/yyyy and the Total Vendor Price is just the amount that the company profited. How can I make it so that users see 12 months worth of data and can switch through the data using a date dropdown. I want it to be that if they select the dropdown to 2022 then they see the 12 months of 2022 data, if the user selects 2023 then they see only the 12 months of 2023 data.

Any suggestions on how to do this? Or an alternative to make sure that the user is able to see data that goes past 12 months.

So the “Usage Date” is text type?
Why don’t you save the date as date? It will be easier to filter and group.
This is something you can fix?

The usage date is date type. The date gets entered into the database through an input field that auto fills with the current date/time once the page is submitted. Currently in the repeating group i filter the displayed data by month but i dont want every single month where there was usage to display which is why i would like to limit the data displayed to 12 months (1 year period) but find a way for the user to be able to switch through years to see previous years data


  1. As your Repeating group’s source, performe a Search For in your database and use the constraint below:

Usage Date >= Arbitraty date/time:change years to Dropdown’s value
Usage Date <= Arbitraty date/time:change years to Dropdown’s value

In the first constraint, set the Arbitrary date/time to 01/01/2000 00:00:00
In the second constraint, set the Arbitrary date/time to 12/31/2000 23:59:59

  1. Now, group the result by month using the operator :grouped by
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