Show selected items by custom states in repeating group

Hi, I’m having a trouble to show items in the repeating group.

I am making an E-commerce site.
When a type of products, colors and sizes are selected which are made by the repeating group with custom states, the products with the selected conditions should be shown.

For example, currently when Red and Blue color in the filter are selected, no products are shown.
But when Red or Blue is selected one by one, then the product are properly shown.
I would like to show all the products under the selected conditions.

Could you please help how to solve this?
I think this should be solved by updating constraint conditions of product display section or custome states.

*This is not the repeating group of filter. This is the repeating group of product display. *Bule highlighted part is something that I asssume the error caused.

<Reference: E-Commerce store front>


Do you mean you want to filter the repeating groups based on the Color your end user choose?

You can simply set constraint -

“color id is in filter color shows colors” instead of “=”

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Thank you so much.
Perfectly solved.

Appreciate a lot!

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