Show specific data in a Repeating Froup (Social Media feed)

Hi all,
I created a social media feed (community posts) with a Repeating Group (RG). However i want ie in the 3rd row to present a different content (e.g. Job Post) then in 4th row to continue with feed.
Any idea how I can?


Hi there,

The only solution I can think of right now is:
-Do a search for “X”, items until #2
-merged with do a search for “whatever you want the 3rd item to be” first item
-merged with do a search for the rest of your items, items from #2 to exclude the first 2 you already loaded (assuming that this search is the same as the first search).

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.
Can you explain more how to ‘merged with…’?


Expression merged with [link to manual]

Easier way is to have your “ad post” as a hidden group that is only visible if the current cell index is a multiple of whatever number you want. You can use the :modulo operator to check that the current cell index is the right multiple.

So when the ad post shows up, it is just another group element in the same cell as your normal post.

You can grab the hidden group’s data source from a list (set into a state or a hidden repeating group if you absolutely need realtime search) of “ad posts” :item#(some maths here).

That way you won’t have to do any complex merging.

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I am aware about this solution. However I am not sure how it will affect performance and cloud workload (ie if it loads both groups (even if they are hidden))

Why not run some WU tests of your own to gather some data for you to evaluate?

Regardless of what solution you apply, a social media app built in Bubble is going to stack them WUs.