Show user GPS movement on the app

Hi there, I would like to show on the map element an icon or something else to indicate where the user is at the moment and that moves as the user moves in the reality (like google maps). I tried using the GPS pluggin but it doesn’t look it can do the job but I might be wrong I am still new. If someone can help please let me know :pray:


Go to workflows of the page and create an action of “Do every n seconds”. In that action you can for example remove the marker (current position) from the map and load a new marker on the updated position.

Thanks for answer Tja but I am still a bit confused :sweat_smile:
What should I put in the When and what action should I set to renew every n seconds ?
Thanks again for finding the time to answer and sorry for my ignorance :sweat_smile:

If you share your app editor with me it would be easier to help.

First of all you a map. And you need a position either from the database or an API.