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[Showcase] FREE TEMPLATE - Professional Social Network Like LinkedIn

Hello again Bubblers :star_struck: :star_struck:

Announcing my third template launch. :clinking_glasses:

About two weeks ago, I started to build a FREE template library, hoping this may help bubblers build faster and create more creative solutions.

Professional Social Network

Template Page

Designed by Nalfe, this template is a professional social network platform template similar to LinkedIn, where users can find and connect with other professionals. The app offers a landing page, connection functionality, and profile setup and display.



  • Connect with another user like LinkedIn
  • Publish a post (text, image, and file supported)
  • Create and edit a profile (including education and work experience)
  • Like a post
  • Find and match new company and school entries with their logos
  • User profile view history
  • Make connection recommendations based on a user’s education and work experience

If you find any bugs, want any customisations/changes/support in the template, feel free to ask any questions below or drop us a request. For new Bubblers, understanding the custom states, conditionals, and some workflows can be hard. Please ask here if you need any further explanations.


As I mentioned, I collect new template ideas from this community. So if you got any template build in mind, please reply to this thread. I’ll add your idea to my to-do list.


Happy bubbling!!! :relaxed: :relaxed: