LinkedIn template (100% responsive)

Hey guys !

I’ve released my second template on the marketplace !

It is a clone of LinkedIn !

If you’re building a social network on bubble, this is a great way to kickstart your project, as it already have some good features in it !

It is fully responsive, and has dedicated mobile version of pages, so those pages could even be converted into native apps in no time.

Here is the link if you want to check it out : LinkedOut - Social Network Template | Bubble

Features :

:white_check_mark: Create and publish posts
:white_check_mark: Like and comment posts
:white_check_mark: Follow creators
:white_check_mark: Add relations
:white_check_mark: Visiter user profiles
:white_check_mark: Manage your connections (add, remove)
:white_check_mark: Search users
:white_check_mark: Messaging system
:white_check_mark: Add your professional experiences
:white_check_mark: Login/Signup

:iphone:100% responsive
:iphone:Dedicated mobiles versions