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[Showcase] Restbase - Turn your SQL Server, MySQL or Postgres Database into a REST API

Hi Everyone!

Thought I’d post this one in here. After experiencing some difficulties with a client where their existing software utilises a SQL Server and them not wanting to move across to Bubbles internal database, I found myself looking for a solution.

Of course we have the Bubble SQL Connector plugin, which is great, but it restricts the returned data to 100 entries which simply wouldn’t work for my use case. My other option was to use an overpriced service that offers the capabilities I was searching for, such as Skyvia. I did setup a Skyvia account and configured all the Endpoints & Connections required. When I went to active the service, I was prompted to subscribe to a plan - no problems there. Until I realise a plan with a half decent data cap (1 GB) was going to be in excess of $100 USD per month, but the next available plan with a data cap more suitable was $250 USD per month for 5gb. Which is ridiculous.

So I set out to create my own solution, and as per usual with us developers, I ended up over-developing and now I have created not only a solution for a specific use case, but also an entire Database to REST API service with much better pricing and no data caps.

Restbase has only one plan. $49/m for unlimited connects & data. The free plan allows you to configure all the connections you need before subscribing & when you subscribe to the Standard plan for the first time, you’ll receive a 7 day free trial.

Better yet, for Bubble users, I’m offering 80% for life on the Standard subscription.

If you find yourself in a position where you need to connect to a SQL Server, MySQL or Postgres database and would prefer something familiar like a REST API, head over to Restbase | Register for a solution that can be used a datasource with Bubbles API Connector.

Setup is simple, once you’ve configured the database you’ll see this screen:

From here you can see your Connections endpoint configuration details and use Bubbles API Connector to make SQL queries. It’s all pretty simple!

Let me know your thoughts and feedback. It’s not the prettiest" UI, but she gets the job done. The best part of Restbase is what’s under the hood.



Hey, this sounds perfect.

Does this mean there is no issues with having a static IP address?

And we can get, add, update, detete records in sql?


Hi Matt,

There should be no issues with static IPs. All queries to the server database you specify will come from the same IP address everytime.

The engine performs queries, so any query you’d like will be passed through to the database. This includes select, update, add, delete queries.