Showing different types in the same repeating group

So i’m making a site where you can create different permits.

The index is a page where you can either create a permit or view all permits.
When the user clicks on “create permit” they are taken to another page where they can select which permit, either “driving permit”, “walking permit”, “biking permit”.
All of the different permits, have different fields to fill out, so i’ve made three different types with the different fields inside.

- car_model
- car_age
- car_type

- bike_age
- Bike_model

- person_age
- person_sex
- amount_of_persons

When the user have created a permit, they are then redirected back to the index, where they can click on view all permits.

My question is, how do i get the repeating group under “view all permits” to view all three different types of permit, while being able to click on a details button in each cell showing a group with all the information from the permit in the cell?

What you need to here is a merged with search. Do your first search then select merged with and you can select your second search.

Here is a video that explains it more.



i’m not quite sure how i would implement it as the video shows?

I have a data type called Permits that consists of 3 fields:

“Walking_Permit_list” of the type “Walking_Permit” as a list

“Biking_Permit_list” of the type “Biking_Permit” as a list

“Driving_Permit_list” of the type “Driving_Permit” as a list

My repeating groups datasource is “Permits” and the text field inside the repeated group is a search for permits -> walking_permit_list’s -> car_model :Merged with a search for permits ->Biking_permit_list’s -> Bike_model.

It doesn’t show anything however.

Ok, that was my bad.

You can use three repeating groups and set them to full list and do 1 row then you can set the repeating group Data “Walking_Permit” then set the data source to current user’s Permits “Walking_Permits”

Or another option you could do is just use one data source and then have a field for the type of permit then in the repeating group you make a group for each type permit then make so none of the groups are visible unless the current cells permit is that groups permit type.

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