Showing multiple offers for single listing

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I am adding to my draft web app a logic where a seller can receive multiple offers on the item he is selling, let’s say sort of eBay style but I want that seller is able to see all offers received (and buyer also be able to see al the offers he issued).

So far I was able (with “some” help from community) to display in repeating groups:
-all items on sale by seller, also the selle clicking on it can open dedicated completed view of the specific item
-all offers available for buyers (and specific offer view)
My point is that so far I was able to work everything in the same data type “listing” as I have a decent privacy logic where seller can see just their listing and buyer can see all listings.

Here comes the point I am being hold by: given that for a single listing there can be more than one offer I created a new data types “Offers” where there are: data from “listings” which are seller; buyer; unique offer ID (I think this would be helpful) and some new data such as the “offered amount” and unique offerID (it is there as it is free xd).

So basically the result that I want is that a seller, once hoovers (assuming I want to show with focus group but I could be of course be a click on a “show offers for this item” button) on the repeating group could see the list of the offers received for that specific item.

Point I have the offers for a specific item in a database and the information about that listing in another… I thought of keeping all in same database but I could not link multiple offers with multiple buyers on a single line (at least I didn’t find a good way). Also this way I would like to display a summary showing the number of offers received, higher price and so on for any specific “listing”

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Hi there, understanding these explanations without any visual aid is proving to be quite challenging. Would it be possible to include an image of your database and repeating group?

In situations like these, it’s recommended to start with a simple database model and then refine it gradually. You can sketch out a basic model using a pen and paper to help clarify the structure.

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First off, thanks for answering @NoCodeDataArtisan .
I know it is very hard to understand what I say…
I fear that the drawing I am attaching is not simplifying much, but I try anyways and here is a summary.
I have my database of listing with following things (in block 1 in the drawing):

  • creator

  • Item

  • satus

  • listingID

Then I have the offer database with following things (in block 1):

  • creator (those who offered)
  • offer
  • listing ID (from the listing Data Type)

User will see all of their listing suck as in block 2 and once he clicks on the text Answered I would like to show in a group what I’ve tried to drawn in last block, getting the description from the listing database and showing all the offers received for that item.

Again, I am not sure I am clear as I very very new to this so thanks even for taking the time to answer me in first place.


You’re welcome.

Now I feel like I almost understand the story.
Could you please explain a bit more about what the item and listing are? This would help me suggest a suitable method for the database mode. Thank you!

sure thing:
Items are things on sale and the “thing” data type names item is the description of what the seller is selling, listing is the set of information of each item.
Then once one or hopefully more offers are placed for an item then the app populates the offer database.
I don’t know if this answers your question.

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Could you capture images of the data fields for each data type, please? It seems like the database structure requires some modifications. If it’s feasible, please take a snapshot of the entire database so that I can offer you comprehensive guidance


I think I find the solution ideally but I am struggling with the no-code code.
In the repeating group of listings I added a text box with the listing unique ID (not visible and collapsed).

Now, what I am trying to do it to set a Repeating group (inside listing on) for offers that searches for the listing uniqueID (which is now available although collapsed) and returns all the offers referring to that listing unique ID.

The funny thing is that now I cannot succeed in the search constraints to set the search parameter as when I select the textbox listing ID where I put the listen unique ID value it just returns height and width chances, whereas I want that it matched the value itself, any idea why?

Just for clarification, now I am (struggling for) building a MVP, so I hopefully will optimize it in the remote case anybody would think this could be interesting.
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You cannot get data from the text element, you can get data from its parent group

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ah ok. :sweat_smile:
Good news is: finally something his being shown in the repeating group!
Bad news: is shows just one value, and not all values offered by different buyers.
I think I can keep trying unless you have another one-line-single-statement to solve it!

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I think you have a fundamental problem in the database. 🫣

You may not even be able to launch the MVP.

Probably, you did not use the relationship between the data types and tried to create a relationship yourself.
For example, there is no need to define an ID because each row has a unique ID.

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Congrats :tada:
For everyone, it was full of challenges at first, but after you learn the fundamentals of the bubble, you will see how much fun it is to work with.

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i am using that unique ID, I didn’t create anew one. But I use the unique ID of the main database to link to the second, this should be correct

Unfortunately, it is exceedingly difficult to explain the situation in this way. If you like, you can give me access to the editor so that I can check it completely.

I suggest that you do the Interactive Learning and explore How to Build, Maybe you will see an example there that has the same functionality as your app, and this can be very useful to start with.

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thanks so much so far! I will give this as solved as I was able to come to a conclusion. When I will sort out the way to have complete list I will post anyways for curiosity, if any!
I might want to share the editor (I am so not jealous considering the total mess that it must be for some expert eyes) but before I want to keep trying and close the circle at least for the version 0.0.

Thank you,

Thank you

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Please, I’m so glad I could help.

Since you are at the beginning of the journey, I don’t want you to be discouraged and tired.

Wish you luck



I progressed, I am able to see all the bids but just if I put a fixed row number in the repeating group, if not it shows just one. There must be something in the layout settings that I am not getting.

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Hi there,
Probably, the minimum height of the rows and the total height of the RG are not matched.

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