Have an information popup within a repeating group


I’m building a platform that connects students with teachers.

As part of this, I’m working on a ‘teacher dashboard’ which shows a list of a teacher’s students in one place.

I’m using a repeating group to display all the teacher’s students in a list.

What I’d like to happen, is when a teacher clicks a row (a student) a popup then shows with more information about that particular student.

Currently, when I try and make that happen, it’s only showing the first student’s details, where it should change the information shown in the popup, based on which row the teacher clicks (as it should be the next student down etc).

I’m not quite sure where I’m going wrong. Any help would be appreciated!

Screenshots below.


  1. Set the popup’s “Type of content” to student. Leave data source empty.
  2. When student is clicked, run a workflow: action 1 = show popup, action 2= “display data in…” Current cell or parent groups student. Depending on how you’ve set up your repeating group.

On your popup element, you should be able to refer to parent groups student… Name, age etc…

That’s worked, many thanks!

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