Showing specific date with custom states?

Hey folks, I’m building a PWA mobile app with the Bubble Mobile Kit 3.0, it is a one page template that uses custom states to hide/show things.

What I’m struggling to get my head around is how to show a specific entry in this setup. For example:

On the home page I have a list of Properties added by the user. When a specific Property is clicked, I want to show that Properties information only.

I can’t get my head around how to do this with custom states. Is it possible, or for this use case do I have to have a separate page?

Appreciate any nudges in the right direction!


Hi Adam,

For this you want to create a custom state (page settings > little ‘i’ button in the top left) on the page (let’s call the page ‘Properties’) which is the type ‘Property’ and call it say ‘Viewed Property’. Then when you click a property in the list set the workflow to ‘set state’ of Properties Viewed Property and set it as the property that was clicked. Then you just have to trigger a new group or popup to show and have it’s content type set as ‘Property’ and the source as ‘Properties Viewed Property’.

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I can’t get my head around how to do this with custom states. Is it possible, or for this use case do I have to have a separate page?

You don’t need to use custom states for this (although you can)…

An easier way is just to set the content type for the group, then use a ‘Display Data’ workflow action to set the specific data for the group.

You can use Custom States as well, or instead of, the Group Content Type, to do the same thing…

In which case just use a ‘Set State’ workflow action to define the specific data, then set your datasources to refer to the Custom State value.

Thanks for this! I’m trying to process what you said, but having trouble implementing it. Here’s where I’m at…

Page Name = index
Propery DB name = User Properties

When Property is clicked > set state of index:
Element = index
Custom State = current property
Value = Current cell’s User Properties

Then on the specific group to show when the state is set, I’m not sure what to set. None of the options seems to fit.

Not actually getting your point, though.

but what I understand you want to do is set a state of page index to a property value, then on another page want to show that sate value right.

if above is the case, you must know to be able to show a element state that element must be present.

what you can do here, why not give a URL parameter of the property unique ID, and on next page show it with get data from URL parameter.


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So, you just need to refer to the Index's Current Property wherever you’re trying to display anything relating to it.

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Did you manage to do this? I think the confusion is with the page state - when you set a state on a page it appears as a data source. When selecting the data source for a popup/group you should find ‘index’ which you can select and then it will give you the option to select which state you want as the data source.

Thanks for all the help! I got it working, thank you so much. With you’re help I realised how to reference the current property state!