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Hi everyone I am making a payment method so my user can pay with his credit card after the user submits his/her card information, a popup will appear to confirm the information.

My problem is that when this popup shows, it shows the date in the wrong way, so any ideas??

If you choose “Custom” you can specify mm/yy

the problem when I click on “formatted as” it directly take me to this:

and when I try to write it myself manually as it is in your picture everything get missed up.

Ah. That is because “Drop Down Month” is a number not a date.

What you need to do is TYPE in the / rather than pick it from the list.

/ = divided by when selected.

It wants to be WHITE not BLUE.


Click in the input box until you get a flashing cursor, then hit /


Thank you veryyy much!!!
it is amazing how very small details can make such big difference.

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