Give the possibility for the user to choose a Date Format?

I’d like to give the possibility for my users to choose their favorite Date Format.
It will impact all the date pickers within the app for that specific user.

How can I achieve that?

My idea:

  • Set a New Custom Data Type called “Date Formats” with 2 date format texts : mm-dd-yyyy and dd-mm-yyyy
  • Create a dropdown menu linked to “Date Formats” data type.
  • Send the parameters once the user clicks on Next

Not sure about this.

I have users from all different countries too - I have dates as day month year (27 April 2021) as much as possible rather than dd/mm/yy (27/04/2021) to get around this haha

Interested in your currency though as this is something I want to implement - have you implemented this functionality or the drop down just for looks at the moment? :slight_smile:


You can save the user’s preference in his profile and, everytime that you have to show him the date, you check this info and, based in this information, you make different formatting.


If user’s preference is “3” then date format is dd/mm/yyyy…

If user’s preference is “2” then date format is mm/dd/yyyy…

Note that the date will be stored in Bubble’s original format, you will only change it to show for your users. :+1:

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Love your answer! A so easy workaround :grin:
The currency is just for look at the moment. I will keep you update once it’s done if you like.

Nice! Glad it helped :love_you_gesture:

You can do the same for the currency, displaying it based on user’s preferences.

Yes, sure, keep me updated!

@sylvainn yes please! Would love to hear if you come up with a simple solution :slight_smile:

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