Sifflet/ Free whistle

I’m looking for a free whistle sound to start in a countdown WF. I didn’t find any. Does anyone have a simple tip to implement, without calling APIs or external urls? Thanks a lot.

I’m sorry, what!? You stay away from my free whistle.

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? :thinking:

I’m STILL wondering what a “free whistle” is.

If you are looking for an audio file I’m sure a quick Google search is all u need.

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Enter the text “Phuuuuuuuuuuuuu” in a text to speech program and you might get what you need:

But seriously, just search for “free sound effects no registration” or record it yourself using a audio recorder (on Windows it called Sound Recorder).

lol @gerbertdelangen . I found a plugin with a custom mode to insert easily an mp3. It’s OK

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