Sign In confirmation

I know how to build a sign up system but: I want the users to confirm their account before they can even login.

Do you know a way to build such thing?

My recommendation is to employ Bubble’s built-in logic for email authentication and to have conditional redirects based on that.

I have a lesson covering the concept on LearnTo. Here’s a direct link to the lesson video.

To get the added logic, you can place page-level restrictions. (Ie. when they try to access a page beyond the index, they are shown a popup that can’t be closed, asking them to complete their profile. The popup itself would be triggered by a page load event that looks at the condition, “Current user’s email confirmed is yes/no”

**Note: I realize your post said you want to confirm before logging in. Hopefully this addressed the concern. While you could build a manual version of the email validation framework, I recommend sticking with this model since it’s a standard convention.

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