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User access and sign up

Hello everyone, I have a question.
How do I stop people from getting into my app via URL without signing in first? Is there any restriction that I can use to force users to sign in first to access the rest of the pages?

Thank you.

You could put a workflow on every page that ‘user is not logged in’ => navigation => go to page => ‘your created login page with option to sign up’

First of all thank you for both of your responses. This was the first solution that I come up with. There is no user is not logged in option in workflows. When I can see it in the user manual but I don’t have it as an option in the “Only when” section of the workflows. I am not sure if it is removed or there is some problem with my app.

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 1.00.40 PM

Select the User is logged out option and it will activate every time the user is logged out

or what you were on ‘is logged out’ doesn’t work?