Are the built-in signup workflows hidden?

Hi, everyone! I’m an experience dev but complete newbie to bubble and I’m trying to help someone fix their app’s. They changed something in it that clobbered the built-in signup functionality.

I’m familiar with how auth works in general but I can’t see how the default signup in new bubble apps works. I don’t see anything at in a new app’s workflows for signup, though signup does work.

Are there any docs or tutorials on how the build-in signup works or how to customize it? That would probably help me figure out how to fix it in the broken app I’m working on.

Hi there, @wxm… if the signup functionality is Bubble’s built-in reusable popup, you have to show the edit dialog for the popup and click the Edit element button in order to be able to see the associated workflows. That has tripped me up more than once, so maybe that is what you are experiencing here.


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