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Hey guys! I am building a relatively simple backend portal for a client.

The basics are we have employees and managers. The managers add all the employees then they can add company wide notes, resources (pdfs) and if possible they can see if a user has opened a pdf. These resources are like safety stuff and SOPs.

Anyways, most of it seems pretty straightforward and I’m not having too much difficulty finding resources to help me figure it out but I have one feature that is rather important to them.

There’s a significant amount of 50-60+ users who are not email users. The workaround is to sign them up using their employee numbers. The managers will be setting up all the accounts and giving the login information to the employees.

I do see an obvious way of doing this. I did tell them there was a chance we might HAVE to use emails but if there’s a workaround I’d love to hear it.

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