User to make other users

I want my registered user to be able to create another user making his unique login and password (can be random generated).
Use case is that this new login and pass can be printed on a paper and kept in a safe place or like a message in a bottle for geocaching games.
There is a budget for this problem so please send me a PM offers.

Hi markovicv1,

I’m Jof, the founder of, a no-code agency. We specialise in Bubble technology would be happy to help with this problem.

Please schedule a meeting through our calendly at your earliest convenience to discuss the problem further so that we can get to work!



Build a backend workflow and pass email and the password you want to assign to it.

In the backend workflow add the action “Sign the user up” and input the relevant email and password string in the respective fields.


You can save password and email in another datatype’s text field to be able to read it.


Thanks for your offer but I made a deal already. However, I am expanding team of freelance associates. Please tell me something about your skill level and price and I will feel free to contact you when the time comes.

Thanks, I will try to make this way.

Skill level: High? We are Bubble Pioneers, tutor the Bubble Bootcamps and have been delivering bubble projects for three years. Our clients include the largest tech companies in the world. Price depends on the skill level required by the project.