Create fake bulk users

I am planning to sell my app per user, However minimum of. X users should be purchased.

My goal is to creat fake user account and handover the control to a system admin in each saas account.

Our fellow colleagues here advised to signup users using signup for other user process. Thus, require a password to be sent to each user to be able to sign in .

Is their a way to creat a bunch of emails and handover its management to each Saas account system admin?

Kindly assist in that if you know.

Thank you

you need to use a backend workflow very similar to this one

but as the actions in this workflow use
“create account for another user”
“create temporary password”
“send email”, in this email text refer to the temporary password" you just created.
that way it will create as many users as specified.

you can send the email to the system admin for instance and can get them to fill out how many users there are (or who they are. in that case the api workflow above should be sent a list of texts to iterate through)

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Really thank you, that , honestly saved my time.

Thank you so much, much appreciated

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