Sign up page not working

i am making an sign up page on my app.

I keep getting the error saying “Please include an email” coming up when i sign up.

Any advice on how to solve this issue?

Please share a screenshot for a better understanding

To a sign a user up, you need to get the email as it is mandatory. Make a separate input for the email just like password and make the type of the input element as email instead of password in the property editor.

What do you mean? sorry iv been trying to sort this problem a fare amount of hours now so iv beyond frustrated with this issue!

Please share your editor access so I can take a look?

You need to include an email address for the User you’re signing up (that’s how Users are recognised in Bubble - by their email address)… you can’t sign a User up without their email address.

So just add an input to collect the User’s email address.

where about do i have the input user emails address? the data types? as iv got in the workflow.

You need to create an input field where the user can enter their email address. On the sign up button, create a workflow and add an action that signs the user up using the email input and password input.

On the sign up form.

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no problem have now got it sorted. its working.

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